Be Better with Data, Do Better with Data. My Response to #StopAsianHate Campaign.

Episode 168 March 26, 2021 00:16:27
Be Better with Data, Do Better with Data. My Response to #StopAsianHate Campaign.
Wisco Weekly
Be Better with Data, Do Better with Data. My Response to #StopAsianHate Campaign.

Mar 26 2021 | 00:16:27


Show Notes

From Mercedes Benz USA to Cox Automotive to Big Media, the #StopAsianHate campaign has forced many to speak out against the anti-Asian sentiment that has been permeating in our culture. In particular, there was a report that many have cited to support the anti-Asian sentiment, Stop AAPI Hate National Report. Upon scrutinizing and analyzing the data, it is very incomplete and certainly not a report that we should be basing policy or even organizational decisions on. The data is a good starting point, and we need the proficiency and competency of data scientists to help discern what is important, what is not important, and what are we missing. 

If indeed there is an anti-Asian sentiment in the United States (and beyond), then we need to raise the bar of the data collection process. We need to improve the surveys to produce more accurate results. We need to collaborate with other entities and data sets to produce more meaningful data.

Be better with data. Do better with data. So we can make better decisions.



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