Re-Opening The Economy Using Location Data feat. Stephen Xu

April 20, 2020 00:48:00

Show Notes

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]For over a month now, cities across the United States have been locked down, and the economy has come to a halt due to COVID-19. With many Americans working from home, and more still not working at all, one critical question looms on the horizon - How much longer until precautions will be lifted, and folks can resume normal patterns of movement? In this episode, host Dennis Wisco talks to the Managing Principal of Digitalization for ümlaut, Stephen Xu, to discuss his company’s efforts to make projections based on data science analysis of billions of global data points over the past few months. Stephen Xu is a well-rounded consultant and digitalization expert, who has worked at ümlaut since 2010. As the Managing Principal of Digitalization, Stephen leads a group of data scientists, product managers, visualization engineers, and consultants to provide digitalization consultation solutions to Fortune 500 clients in the realm of connectivity, automotive, data monetization, and more. Stephen was born in China and holds a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering from Shanghai Jiao Tong University, as well as a Masters of Engineering from the University of Michigan. He speaks English, German, and Mandarin. ümlaut is full-service, cross-industry consulting firm that offers fulfillment services to clients all over the world. Founded in 1996, ümlaut has offices in over twenty countries and relies on the expertise of their diverse team members to provide interdisciplinary solutions across all industries, to both public and private sector clients. They develop organizational cultures, structures, and processes. During the present COVID-19 crisis, their team of data scientists have been active in analyzing trends in app usage and travel patterns to craft informed projections for their clients. Their name, ümlaut, comes from the German “ ¨ ” notation, because like the accent marker, umlaut always “adds something on top” for their clients. Tune in to this episode as Stephen and Dennis take a look at the trending data metrics and ümlaut’s projections on reopening the US economy. From location data and heatmap metrics to business and education app usage, data analysis provides unprecedented insight to businesses to consider during this uncertain time. However, just as important as data analysis for businesses and marketers, Stephen urges listeners to adhere to local government orders, as well as look towards other countries who are ahead of the curve. [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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