The Proponents to Massachusetts Right to Repair feat. Aaron Lowe

Episode 143 October 24, 2020 00:26:02
The Proponents to Massachusetts Right to Repair feat. Aaron Lowe
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The Proponents to Massachusetts Right to Repair feat. Aaron Lowe

Oct 24 2020 | 00:26:02


Show Notes

Aaron Lowe is senior vice president of regulatory and government affairs for the Auto Care Association.

Lowe has been with the Auto Care Association, and previously with the Automotive Parts and Accessories Association (APAA), for more than 30 years. He currently oversees the Auto Care Association’s federal and state legislative and regulatory efforts, focusing on a wide range of environmental, vehicle safety, workplace-health and safety and international trade issues. He also serves as liaison to the Upholstery and Trim International segment of the Auto Care Association.

Lowe was the recipient of the Northwood University Automotive Aftermarket Management Education Award in 2003. He has been on the board of directors and steering committee for several aftermarket coalitions including the California Automotive Task Force (CATF), a coalition of national and state auto care industry trade associations that coordinated the successful efforts to enact S.B. 1146. This landmark bill mandated access by independents to all car company emissions-related service information and tools. CATF also successfully worked to overturn the state’s mandated 15 year/150,000 mile emissions control warranty.

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