The Used Car Salesman to the World feat. Dan Oscarson

Episode 166 March 17, 2021 00:59:49
The Used Car Salesman to the World feat. Dan Oscarson
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The Used Car Salesman to the World feat. Dan Oscarson

Mar 17 2021 | 00:59:49


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Dan Oscarson is the Vice President of Global Business Development for IAA, Inc. (NYSE: IAA). In his role, he travels to explore new market opportunities for the export-import of US vehicles to countries like United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Belarus, Honduras, Ghana, Nigeria, to name a few. Tune in to hear Dan's journey on building out an internationall export business.


About Dan Oscarson

Dan Oscarson began his career as an auction manager and learned the car-auction business from the ground up. He transitioned into a full-time marketing role in 1998 and directed all corporate marketing activity during a period of intense growth that included the introduction of an online bidding platform, and an increase in physical auction locations from 47, to over 150 in 2013. Between 2007 and 2013, he focused exclusively on all global buyer marketing activity and strengthened auction attendance with new buyers—both domestic and international—and contributed to a significant increase to the average vehicle selling price. Since 2013, Dan has dedicated his efforts full time on the development of international markets where approx. 30% of IAA's 1.6M vehicles sold each year are currently being exported.


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