The Who, What, and Why of Universal Basic Mobility feat. Courtney Ehrlichman

Episode 87 August 14, 2019 01:10:58
The Who, What, and Why of Universal Basic Mobility feat. Courtney Ehrlichman
Wisco Weekly
The Who, What, and Why of Universal Basic Mobility feat. Courtney Ehrlichman

Aug 14 2019 | 01:10:58


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In the automotive and mobility world, there is a term that is similar to universal basic income. Whereas in UBI, cash is given to the citizens to supplement everyday living expenses. Though, in today's politically polarized climate, redistributing money to help fund even the most basic of living expenses is highly charged. What if the money did not simply go into the hands of everyday citizens, but rather was reappropriated to projects that empowered the workforce, cared for the elderly, and better accommodated families. This is the concept behind universal basic mobility.

Former bike messenger and fanatical mobility enthusiast, Courtney Ehrlichman of the Ehrlichman Group joins Wisco Weekly to discuss this new concept of universal basic mobility. Our existing infrastructure was built with the personal vehicle in mind, and in our current mobility revolution, we are seeing new ways to get around. Can this new socio-economic policy of UBM be the new guiding light for the automotive and mobility space to aspire to? Tune into episode #87 for this thrilling intellectual discussion on universal basic mobility.

Featured Guest: Courtney Ehrlichman Web  |  Twitter  |  LinkedIn

Resources: ARTICLE: Movement Matters: Why We Should Commit to Universal Basic Mobility by Daniel Comeaux  |  Harvard Kennedy School Review

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