What Would Change with a New Governor with Mike Netter

Episode 185 August 18, 2021 01:05:02
What Would Change with a New Governor with Mike Netter
Wisco Weekly
What Would Change with a New Governor with Mike Netter

Aug 18 2021 | 01:05:02


Show Notes

Mike Netter runs on the same team as Orrin Heatlie of the Recall Newsom Campaign. Mike is a visionary sales leader and rainmaker with a passion for politics. He is using his skills to help create a better political landscape.

In episode #185, Mike and Dennis cover the California business economy and essentially, seek to answer the question 'what would change with replacing Newsom with someone else?'


Episode Notes:
Recall Newsom Campaign Website -- recallgavin2020.com
Ballotpedia -- https://ballotpedia.org/Gavin_Newsom_recall,_Governor_of_California_(2019-2021)
Recall Townhall -- Streaming every Wednesday at 6:30-7:30 on Facebook and Zoom
Friday Night at the French Laundry Show -- https://www.kabc.com/friday-night-at-the-french-laundry/




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